Leta Sobierajski

Big Bang! Solo Exhibition

Client E03 Gallery
Beijing, China
Materials and applications
Fiberglass Sculpture, Neon Lights, Acrylic on pine with resin coating, Screen-printed wood 
E03 Gallery
Photography and Videography
Wade and Leta
E03 Gallery
Making a bang for our first solo show in China!

For our first solo show in China, we wanted to throw everything at the wall and make a Big Bang! To embark on a creative journey that pays homage to the vividly explosive animations that once enthralled their youthful imaginations. The works for the show delve into the dynamic world of graphical explosions, seamlessly blending the nostalgia of animated television shows from our past with a contemporary artistic perspective. Through the use of vibrant colors, intricate details, and a touch of whimsical chaos we invite viewers to explore the exhilarating energy that animated our formative years.
          In these works, explosions cease to be mere bursts of motion and color; they transform into vessels for storytelling that encapsulate the essence of their favourite childhood shows. Each stroke of the brush, shape, and digital manipulation of color and form is a tribute to the unrivalled excitement they felt watching heroes and villains clash in a kaleidoscope of visual spectacle.
          We wanted to make works in mediums that would not only capture the explosive visual impact but also the emotions, dreams, and aspirations that these animated narratives awakened within us as children.
          Our ultimate intention is to not merely to replicate the explosive scenes they remember, but to reinterpret them through a contemporary lens, infusing them with newfound depth and relevance. By juxtaposing the innocence of our past with the maturity of the present, we hope to create a  connection between people to remind us all of the enduring power of visual storytelling.
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