Leta Sobierajski

Falling Into Place at Ginza Six Tokyo

Title Falling Into Place
Ginza Six
Tokyo Japan
GAS As Interface: Anne Yano / Yu Torisaka
Hakuten Creative
Wade and Leta
Additional Photography
Erika Hara, Piotr Maślanka
A sculptural playscape for all ages. 

The phrase "Falling Into Place" evokes a sense of natural alignment, where events seamlessly unfold. It embodies the idea that despite obstacles, maintaining a positive outlook leads to intended outcomes.

This sentiment rings true in the vibrant scene atop the Ginza Six Rooftop, where six colorful structures stand, each with a void akin to a missing puzzle piece. Rather than dwell on absence, these gaps are repurposed as havens, inviting visitors to contemplate their role within the broader landscape.

Like assembling a puzzle, completion requires every piece. Only when each element is in place does the full picture emerge, clear and compelling.

This dynamic installation beckons individuals of all ages to embrace spontaneity and adaptability, encouraging them to flow with life's unpredictable currents.

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