Leta Sobierajski

Music to Your Eyes

Client Personal
Exhibition, Inflatables, Photography, Wall Reliefs, Virtual Reality
Year 2020

Wade and Leta
Additional Photography
Tagawa Yutaro
A very special thank you to our VR Engineers Brian Banton and Denys Bastov of Oculus
Music To Your Eyes is our first international exhibition. Here, we bring our distinctly optimistic, unapologetically vibrant, and supremely fun world of explosive colour to Calm and Punk's gallery space in Tokyo.
         Music to your eyes is an exploration of harmony through visual stimulation of our work in order to explore colour and form. Our goal is to ignite a sensation for the viewer that is optimistic yet also leaves them with a sense of joy. Ultimately it is our way we describe our work: as visual music. Similar in concept to audible music, everything we look at and engage with has its own rhythm. Through the use of multiple mediums ranging from photography, wall reliefs, inflatables and a virtual reality experience, we encourage visitors to enter their world of insatiable optimism and explosive color.
         The photographs on these walls are real—they are not 3D. The bodysuits were designed specifically for this show, and the sculpted shields held by those bodies were cut and painted by hand. We embrace the fact that they are imperfect and flawed. In the photographs on the walls, we camouflage ourselves as body sculptures, drenched in pattern and color that transcends from these images to sculptural wall hangings to inflatables hanging from the ceiling and finally to virtual reality discoverable through a headset. Our goal is to extend their vision to multiple dimensions, so you may enjoy their colorful world no matter which reality you may live in.

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