Leta Sobierajski

Now You See Me

Client Brookfield Properties
Mild steel box section, wood cladding, paint
Dimensions 14m x 8m
Photography and Videography
Wade and Leta
Additional Photography
Matt Alexander
Color play in public places make for the most interesting spaces!

Color play in public places make for the most interesting spaces!

Now You See Me is an expansion of the Wade and Leta visual landscape, practising the acts of positive and negative layering to create dynamic relationships within a structural space.
          This is their biggest installation to date, taking up a 14m by 8m footprint within the heart of Shoreditch in London by adding a little bit of chromatic joy to the traditional corporate flair of the neighborhood. Their installation utilizes simple shapes—those that often appear in their 2D and 3D works—which become inverted within edifice-like blocks, resulting in a play on the opposing relationship between space and light. When the sun shines, a dazzling array of configurations graze the concrete footpath, and as time throughout the day progresses, the shapes lengthen and connect to create geometric compositions.
          Each sightline brings a discovery of new silhouettes, creating contrasting combinations of color that overwhelm the viewer’s eyes and create tension between the negative spaces within.
          The intention was to have a powerful visual presence from afar and up close since the artwork is nestled within a popular plaza overlooked by two tall buildings.
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