Leta Sobierajski

Toyota x Wade and Leta
Paint Your Own Path

Client Toyota / Bonnaroo
Installation Design, Sculpture, Construction
Agency Reach
Fabrication and Engineering
Thirdkind Studio
Painting and Finishing
Pink Sparrow
Wade and Leta
Additional Photography
John Wylie
Loch and Key Productions
5 larger-than-life sculptures designed for finding your own perspective.

Varying from 10’ to 15’ in height, these looming sculptures were inspired by the precarious ways in which we stack objects, creating points of tension that feel like they're always on the brink of collapsing.
          When thinking about this scale we wanted to provide a stage for exploration through art with an explosion of color and shape while we convey a balance and stability that feels off, but in fact, sits just right. Together with the Corolla Cross, we've created a landscape of uncharted land, ready for an ambitious discovery. With the sculptures living their life there forever, we have created a surreal scene that is as bright and poppy from a distance as it is close up.
         This is one of the first times we have fully had to let go of making everything from scratch just the two of us and that is rewarding, fulfilling and educational in ways we never thought it would be. There are always different ways to create what’s in your mind/sketchbook but for this it felt right to really push ourselves in all possible ways of making art to find new possibilities for the future. Like veering off the beaten path, we let our curiosities run free and took the opportunity to examine and explore how these wandering ideas could lead to a culmination of perfect moments that feel just right together.
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