Leta Sobierajski

D.S. & Durga

Client D.S. & Durga
Category Campaign
Year 2017

Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Photography Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Modeling Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
D.S. & Durga are a husband and wife duo and self-made perfumers who began by turning things they loved into scents. Each fragrance is fueled by an elaborate story that is enriched with David and Kavi's inspiration from folk songs, Russian novel characters, childhood memories in Delhi, and the crackle of electric lights. Their stories go far beyond what we can mention here, but their storytelling is equally as hypnotic as their unusual scents.  They're truly a two-person powerhouse who started from scratch, taught themselves as they went along, and did it their own way.
    Similarly, we (Wade and Leta) follow the same path with our work and strive to do everything ourselves, from design, to photography, to modeling, and more. D.S. & Durga found merit in that, and reached out to our studio to create their campaign imagery for their constantly evolving album of signature scents. Based on D.S. & Durga's elaborate stories and illustrative references for each scent, we created individual vignettes, or performances, that could embody the mood and story of each fragrance.

Services Art Direction, Prop styling, Photography

Comme Des Garçons Concrete

Client Comme Des Garçons
Category Campaign
Year 2017

Art Direction Leta Sobierajski
Photography Leta Sobierajski
Modeling Leta Sobierajski
It was such a huge honor to help introduce Comme Des Garçons’s mixed fragrance, CONCRETE, to their remarkable roster. As part of their campaign, Comme Des Garçons Perfume created an extraordinary object in collaboration with composer Neunau and Basaltes (with only 16 existing in the world). The result was a mysterious music sampler encased in concrete which reacts to, well, concrete! 

Services Art Direction, Photography

“You Are Going To Be Fine” for ROW DTLA

Client The ROW DTLA
Category Mural
Year 2017

Graphic Design Leta Sobierajski
Painting Leta Sobierajski
Photography Katie Gibbs
Graphic design and execution/mural painting over the course of a 3 day painting period for ROW DTLA
    There’s a lot of craziness happening in 2017 and sometimes, we need a little moment of reassurance to help remind us to keep our cool. Working with a simple type phrase, “You Are Going To Be Fine,” which is something I tell myself often to ease my anxiety with work, life, and the world, I felt it would be an appropriate message to contribute to a positive, safe, and lively area of Downtown Los Angeles.

Services Graphic Design, Painting


AIGA Eye on Design Conference

Client AIGA Eye on Design
Category Brand Identity
Year 2017

Graphic Design and Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Director Michael Tyburski
AIGA Eye on Design Editor in Chief Perrin Drumm
Eye Models Wade Jeffree, Des Maher, Emma Wiseman
Props Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski

Identity, design, and art direction for AIGA Eye on Design’s 2017 Conference focused on the “unConference,” hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski created a modular system that could be used throughout signage, animation, print, and social media to create a branded experience that could resonate with those who attended. Included in that experience was a 12” wide eyeball, the heroic symbol of the brand.
   This branding was created to coincide with the branding that we created in 2014 for the renound blog and design writing platform, AIGA Eye on Design.

Services Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Animation


AIGA Eye on Design Website 2.0

Client AIGA Eye on Design
Category Brand Identity, Website Design
Year 2017

Graphic Design and Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
AIGA Eye on Design Editor in Chief Perrin Drumm
Website Development Michael Djikstra

Keeping an Eye on Design Around the World.
AIGA's blog, AIGA Eye on Design, focuses on sharing the quirks, details, and visual beauty of great design, from vintage to contemporary. The platform juxtaposes emerging studios with industry legends; if designers can find inspiration from both traveling photo booth branding and Saul Bass quotes, AIGA reckons, there’s no reason they can’t live on the same web platform. Inspired by Paul Rand’s 1968 riff on the AIGA logo, the blinking eye in the website’s header is forward-focused, and a nod to its past.
         In 2014, we created Eye on Design's first version, donning primary shapes of circles, rectangles, and triangles, but in 2017, we gave the website a second review, building a new platform with many modules that could handle the various versions of content that EoD was putting out on the daily. 

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