Leta Sobierajski

AIGA Eye on Design 1.0

Client AIGA Eye on Design
Category Digital
Year 2015

Graphic Design Leta Sobierajski
Development Michael Djikstra
AIGA Eye on Design Editor in Chief Perrin Drumm
AIGA's blog, Eye on Design, focused on sharing the quirks, details, and visual beauty of great design. The platform juxtaposes emerging studios with industry legends; if designers can find inspiration from both traveling photo booth branding and Saul Bass quotes, AIGA reckons, there’s no reason they can’t live on the same web platform.
    Inspired by Paul Rand’s 1968 riff on the AIGA logo, the blinking eye in the website’s header is forward-focused, and a nod to its past.
    We did away with the boring grid of rectangular thumbnails that plague a lot of sites and instead, opted for primary shapes—circles, rectangles, and triangles—and created an archive of stories that’s actually fun to navigate.

Services Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Digital

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