Leta Sobierajski

Healing From Another World for Showfields Miami

Client Showfields Miami
Scope Installation Design, Sculpture, Rug Design, Construction
Year 2021

Design Wade and Leta
Showfields is a multi-level store highlighting unique, direct-to-consumer brands in wellness, home & design. During the pandemic, they approached us to create an installation that would release once the world had started to "go back to normal".
        In this site-specific installation, we sought to create a sense of wondrous joy and overwhelming excitement through our piece, “Healing From Another World,” a floating universe that flows and bounces from the first to second floors of Showfields Miami’s historical space, enveloping its metallic slide in a sea of Floridian-inspired hues of color and contrast. The inflatables that compromise this universe reference fluidity and buoyancy, referencing the way in which bubbles disperse within the water as ocean waves tickle the shore.
        Healing From Another World is a captivating visual experience that seeks to encourage all of those who observe it to search high, low, near, far, in, out, and around for new ways of seeing. Whether standing on the second floor to gaze down at its tops, or to lay on the floor and stare upwards at the roof, this installation incites the idea that art is approachable to all who wish to interact with it, and visitors are encouraged to formulate their own perspectives. In the way that all humans perceive color differently, all humans find meaning in what they see and every meaning is subjectively correct.
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