Leta Sobierajski

Herman Miller x Wade and Leta
Holiday Campaign 2019

Client Herman Miller
Year 2019

Design Wade and Leta
Mica Stuk
Event/window photography
Alexander Kusak
A homage to a rich design history channelled by creative coupling.

In the winter of 2019, we partnered with Herman Miller to create a colorful and optimistic Eames-spirited holiday campaign. We worked closely with the design team to create campaign imagery, window displays, limited edition wrapping paper, recycled nylon shopping bags with the help of the team at Baggu, and we even hosted in-store workshops both the USA and Japan where participants made their own mobiles inspired by our campaign.
     We visited the corporate archives in Michigan where there was no shortage of inspiration for us to snack on as we developed the visuals for our latest campaign. From George Nelson’s bright geometric brochures, to the Eameses’ spirited set pieces, to Alexander Girard’s Checker textiles, we found a plethora of inspiration in the archives that contributed to our vibrant interpretation. The result is a tangible expression of Herman Miller's past intertwined with the iconic forms they sell today, peppered unapologetically with explosive colorful and definitive shapes.
  It was a true pleasure and honour to contribute to a brand’s rich design history and to have our work now be placed forever in the Herman Miller archives.

Scope Campaign, Art Direction, Set Design, Window Design, Workshops
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