Leta Sobierajski

Arielle Shoshana

Client Arielle Shoshana
Scope Bottle Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design
Year 2019

Art Direction Wade and Leta
Design Wade and Leta
Photography Wade and Leta
After working in the scented luxury sector for years, DC-based fragrance boutique Arielle Shoshana wanted to create their own scents to capture the days of the week.
    Together, we created the packaging design and developed custom-made injection molded caps to allude to the irresistible vibrancy of each scent's notes of daily escapism. Utilizing the simple shape of the bubbly circle, we coupled the designs of the label and box to create a rich color story that looks great on its own and even better when stacked together on a shelf that can be expanded upon with future releases.

Herman Miller x Wade and Leta
Holiday Campaign 2019

Client Herman Miller
Year 2019

Design Wade and Leta
Mica Stuk
Event/window photography
Alexander Kusak
A homage to a rich design history channelled by creative coupling.

In the winter of 2019, we partnered with Herman Miller to create a colorful and optimistic Eames-spirited holiday campaign. We worked closely with the design team to create campaign imagery, window displays, limited edition wrapping paper, recycled nylon shopping bags with the help of the team at Baggu, and we even hosted in-store workshops both the USA and Japan where participants made their own mobiles inspired by our campaign.
     We visited the corporate archives in Michigan where there was no shortage of inspiration for us to snack on as we developed the visuals for our latest campaign. From George Nelson’s bright geometric brochures, to the Eameses’ spirited set pieces, to Alexander Girard’s Checker textiles, we found a plethora of inspiration in the archives that contributed to our vibrant interpretation. The result is a tangible expression of Herman Miller's past intertwined with the iconic forms they sell today, peppered unapologetically with explosive colorful and definitive shapes.
  It was a true pleasure and honour to contribute to a brand’s rich design history and to have our work now be placed forever in the Herman Miller archives.

Scope Campaign, Art Direction, Set Design, Window Design, Workshops

A/D/O A Party For All

Client A/D/O
Category Installation
Year 2019

Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Design Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Fabrication Lucca Zeray
A Party For All was presented on Valentine's Day in 2019 with the intention of bringing people together to dance, laugh, explore and most of all, love. We designed every corner and crevice of the space to explore and interact, and added a DJ lineup to keep everyone grooving. From large-scale playground sculptures to a 27mx27m multifaceted maze, we had dancers dressed in costumes who would add to the ambiance and dance like no one was watching. Our party was designed to allow every individual to find their own space to embrace the night.
     As A/D/O have said so well, “When Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski named the Valentine's event they are collaborating on with A/D/O “A Party For All,” they really meant it. We wanted to reinvent the holiday and transform it into a world of connections and play, for any relationship status. There are no hearts, no roses, and nothing sappy. Instead there are complementary-colored sculptures that can be climbed through, an immersive maze designed for chance encounters, and dancers in amorphous costumes. The event evening was comprised of a dinner, DJ performances, and plenty of wine to go around.”

Services Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography

Seaport District Sea Sculptures

Client Howard Hughes / Seaport District NYC
Category Installation
Year 2019

Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Design Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Fabrication Blacktable Studio
Behind the Scenes Cristian Gallo

In celebration of the 2019 summer season at South Street Seaport, The Seaport District approached us to create a large scale series of sculptures to liven the district for the summer of 2019.
       Inspired by coral and camouflage and the languid movements of algae and seaweed, our sculptures drift and sway as if being gently pushed by an underwater current.  We wanted to emulate the feeling of drifting through an unexplored world splashed with color and pattern by creating cavernous structures that would evoke an overwhelming seascape of multi-dimensional sculptures of varying heights and colors.
      Our material inspiration comes from the nearby boats that have been docked at the Seaport’s harbor over many years; like boats, our material will gradually weather over time, replicating the way elements shift and change our environmental landscape as the seasons progress.
      In order to build something structurally sound—something that would confidently stand amongst 70mph winds and constant water exposure, we collaborated with Black Table Studio to develop a cross-cut buildable structure that would support each individual shape and enhance our overall design from a 360-degree perspective. This method gives us the impression that one shape undulates into and out of another, reflecting the malleability of an ocean wave.

Services Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography

Lake & Skye

Client Lake & Skye
Category Branding, Packaging
Year 2019

Art Direction Leta Sobierajski
Design Leta Sobierajski
Photography Scottie Cameron, Daniel Cochran, Leta Sobierajski
Lake & Skye is a line of aromatherapy blends, fragrance and floral waters, hand-blended in a high vibrational environment in both New York City and Los Angeles with the intention to balance your mind, body and spirit. Lake & Skye was founded by Courtney Somer in 2016.
    Simple and natural in its essence, we sought to create a branding system that felt as light and airy as its signature scent, 11 11. We created a custom typeface that would be the helm of the brand, including simple noticeable curves in the “K” and “R”. The imagery was created to convey the feeling of the scents, paying hommage to nature and the simplicity of raw materials. While Lake & Skye’s palette can only be defined as “white,” we utilize the natural elements of our every day to become noticeable.

Services Branding Packaging Art Direction Photography

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