Leta Sobierajski

IBM: Chef Watson

Client IBM
Category Campaign
Year 2014

Art Direction Leta Sobierajski
Photography Leta Sobierajski
Ogilvy Art Direction Sue Murphy
Ogilvy & Mather reached out to me to help develop the imagery for the launch of IBM's Chef Watson app, where cognitive computing helps you discover recipes that never existed before. They encouraged me to work with the craziest combinations I could think of while keeping the imagery in a four-color primary color palette. The header image covered IBM's Facebook and Twitter headers, while the three animated gifs were released a day apart to help introduce the app through Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook alike.
    Captions created prompts for users, such as "What's your spin on bacon & dragon fruit?" and "3 eggs. 2 pinches of coriander. 1 cognitive system." It was a fun, messy, and somewhat stinky project that left me sticky and smelling like ketchup.

Services Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography, Animation

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