Leta Sobierajski

Lake & Skye

Client Lake & Skye
Category Branding, Packaging
Year 2019

Art Direction Leta Sobierajski
Design Leta Sobierajski
Photography Scottie Cameron, Daniel Cochran, Leta Sobierajski
Lake & Skye is a line of aromatherapy blends, fragrance and floral waters, hand-blended in a high vibrational environment in both New York City and Los Angeles with the intention to balance your mind, body and spirit. Lake & Skye was founded by Courtney Somer in 2016.
    Simple and natural in its essence, we sought to create a branding system that felt as light and airy as its signature scent, 11 11. We created a custom typeface that would be the helm of the brand, including simple noticeable curves in the “K” and “R”. The imagery was created to convey the feeling of the scents, paying hommage to nature and the simplicity of raw materials. While Lake & Skye’s palette can only be defined as “white,” we utilize the natural elements of our every day to become noticeable.

Services Branding Packaging Art Direction Photography

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