Leta Sobierajski

Likeminds Conference 2016

Client Likeminds Conference
Category Brand Identity
Year 2016

Graphic Design and Art Direction Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski
Photography Meredith Jenks 
Modeling Wade Jeffree, Leta Sobierajski, Meredith Jenks
Web Development HumanNYC
Likeminds is a weekend conference that brings together like-minded individuals: friends, creatives, contemporaries. The conference brings technologically savvy, creative-types to upstate NY with the goal of inspiring collaboration and sparking new ideas. Likeminds is the brain-child of Rachael Yaeger (Human NYC) and Zach Pollakoff (1m1w1d).
    What we all have in common is an appreciation for our surroundings—we take inspiration from the world around us, but sometimes the place we call home can get overwhelming. Hence, we seek nature, as it brings us comfort, it relaxes us, and sometimes it brings out our wild side. We want to highlight the antics that nature brings out in all of us. Ultimately, we create differently, but we are like-minded in how we embrace our surroundings.
    We represented the elements that speak strongest to us: air, earth, nature, night and day. These five aspects were represented as a set of scenes which sit hand-in-hand with the branding to help identify & personify Likeminds.

Services Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Costume

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