Leta Sobierajski

Meg: Imperfezione

Client Meg
Category Music Package
Year 2015

Graphic Design Leta Sobierajski
Art Direction 
Leta Sobierajski
Photography Scottie Cameron
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Ashleigh Ciucci
Meg is an independent Italian pop star whose musical career has spanned over 20 years. For her newest album, Imperfezione, Meg rightfully portrays her independence as an artist, as well as her recent discoveries in which she has found balance in all aspects of her life.
    This album artwork reflects her declaration as an independent, imperfect woman and as a colorful, compelling human being. Meg is always going forwards, never backwards, and with this comes challenges and hardship in life. Meg is adorned in colorful armor and adornment to battle these challenges of life and stands in a powerful, triumphant pose.

Services Graphic Design, Art Direction, Prop Styling

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