Leta Sobierajski

Never Alone

Client Personal
Category Personal
Year 2016

Art Direction Leta Sobierajski
Photographer Meredith Jenks
Styling Courtney Cho
Makeup Andrew Colvin
Hair Timothy Aylward
Model Bara Holotova WOMEN/360 Management
Never Alone is a collaboration between designer and art director Leta Sobierajski, photographer Meredith Jenks and stylist Courtney Cho which tells a sinister story within the constraints of a fashion shoot. Our heroine enters a hotel room… after relaxing over a bath and some room service, things start to get a little strange. She realises that she may not be the only person staying in this room.
    Never Alone was shot in a seedy motel in Queens, New York. Our goal was to offset our model’s beauty by placing her in a less than desirable location. We wanted to use the location to convey the idea that it was a very temporary stay—no more than one evening. We have all been there, checking in to a room at an unplanned hotel to make amends for our decisions.
    Upon scouting, we fell in love with the emerald green bedspreads and the deep jacuzzis. The air conditioners blew the floral curtains in a ghostly manner, and a fight even broke out between tenants during our shoot.
    The sleazy luxury and lavish palette is a culmination of three aesthetics brought by each of the trio. Leta’s art direction is characteristically bold, poppy and often overwhelmingly colourful, Meredith’s photography is crisp bright, sharp and energetic and Courtney’s styling, has a rich, textural and detailed approach.
    This series was the first collaboration between Meredith Jenks (photographer), Courtney Cho (stylist) and Leta Sobierajski (art director and graphic designer). Overall, we wanted to put our talents together to come up with a project that neither of us had done before.

Services Art Direction

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