Leta Sobierajski

RŪH Collective

Client RŪH Collective
Category Brand Identity
Year 2016

Graphic Design Leta Sobierajski
RŪH Collective is a London-based fashion brand founded by entrepreneurs and creatives from New York, London, and Istanbul. RŪH's clothing is for women whose love of modesty is anything but quiet. It is a movement based on respect, opportunity, and pure possibility.
    There are five times a day that Muslims come to pray: Pre-dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset, and Evening. The color palette speaks to these different times of day, each being used in varying proportions.
    Heavy in illustration and color, RŪH's identity is defined by the geometric shapes which are built upon the same grid as the typographic identity. The geometry is reminiscent of old block art involving nature and sun, and finished off with a crisp copper foil.

Services Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging

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